Here are some photos of the School,

 class mates, activities etc taken while we were in Ooty.

I have added a few extras "Ooty" photos on the end that may be of some interest.

If anyone has some they would like to contribute, or photos of the same locations as they appear today it would be fun to see them.

Nilgiri Express going up to Ooty


Some of our class. ( can you name them ? )


The Gate. ( taken around 1987 )

Compare this with the photo taken below approximately ten years earlier.


The Gate and me in 1977.

I understand the gate has changed considerably, (and so have I )!


The Drive


"Titch Pitch"


The "Big Pitch"


"Cypress Court"



"Assembly Hall"



Classroom Block taken from near the bell.



Classroom Block from below



backside of classroom block



Junior Classroom Block



typical classroom



Monkey Bars taken on path between "Inters" Dorm and classrooms


Main Office Block



Philippe Selveratnam and his mother sitting near the bell



"Bat's" apartment





lovely clean pool, and new 'A' level apartments



Miss Wagland, my parents and I on my last visit, 1987.

Miss Wagland in England February 2008



Hike to the Droog. ( recognize anyone ? )



Hike to the Droog



Sports Day ( recognize anyone here ? )






Tug-of-War ( recognize anyone here ? )



Sports Day band. ( recognize anyone here ? )



Parents Day drama


Staff photo ( from Hebron Highlights ) when we went up to Ooty 1977.

sorry...the quality of the original photo is very poor.



The Assembly Rooms.

( I remember watching "Close Encounters" here....what did You watch ? )



Mr. Peach's headstone


Mr. Peach's grave



Ooty Lake from Mr. Peach's grave.

St Thomas's Church, Ooty, 1959

Stained Glass Window inside St Thomas's Church


Union Church, Ooty, with Hebronites in our Sunday uniforms...approx 1976/77


St Stephen's Church Ooty ( approx 1978 )


My Mother and I outside Chellaram's, Ooty...approx 1978


My two brothers at Ooty Railway Station 1959


Lushy from Space

courtesy of Google Earth


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